Food with Friends


It’s a pretty wide-spread problem that college students waste a lot of money on eating out instead of cooking their own meals at home. During a class at Miami, I was presented with this problem and asked to develop a website solution to it.

I started out by delving into research of the problem. I wanted to get at the heart of why most students eat out. I began by with Google Scholar. The studies I read gave me insight into why college student eat out. Next, I went to actual college students. I conducted interviews with over five students about their eating habits. This research helped me expand an what I had gathered from Google Scholar. It turns out that there are various reasons that students eat out, the most prominent one being convenience. The last phase of my research was developing a persona, or an example person to base my solution on. Her name was Social Susie and she hated making her own meals because she would eat them alone. She also just didn’t have time to make dinner every night because of commitments to the sorority she was involved in.

In response to this persona, my solution was as follows. It was a website that allows for collaborative cooking. With it, Susie is able to have a home-cooked meal every day, but instead of having to spend the time in the kitchen herself, Susie and her friends can take turns making dinner for everyone. From the website, Susie is able to post every time she makes a meal, as well as how many people it’s be able to fill. She is also notified every time one of her friends is making a meal. This solution offered a social setting for Susie and saved her a ton of time and wasted money. While my solution isn’t fully developed, I did design the layout of the site and code it with HTML and CSS. You can browse the three pages I designed at the following links.

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