In 2015, a waste disposal company, PennOhio, tracked their customers and orders through Excel and always struggled with sorting through their information and making reports based on it. They wanted something simple where they could easily input information. Through my job at Virtual Support Teks, I started designing a database solution that would solve their problems and streamline their workflow.

We started working on this project, with me as the lead developer, towards the end of 2015. After many many meetings with the company to figure out exactly what they needed and building the database, it was usable within a few months. In addition to a desktop version of the database, we developed for mobile and tablet.

It was a time-consuming project, but PennOhio now uses it daily to track their orders and customers. At the time of writing this, they have over six-hundred customers and over fifteen-thousand orders listed in the database. It has streamlined their workflow and made tracking their work a lot easier.